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Visit to Spruce Creek
We are so grateful for Spruce Creek High School and their Student Government Association for the kickstarter grant they provided YouResearch. These funds mobilize our efforts and raises the number of students we can assist. Thank you for believing in the power of youth!
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Humans of YouResearch
We believe research can have a large impact on a community and its individuals; we highlighted this facet of research through our Humans of YouResearch campaign on our Facebook page. This series details what inspired members of the YouResearch team to pursue research, and the effect their research experiences had on their lives.
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Going Beyond STEM
The word “research” often conjures up images of white coat-clad scientists arched over a microscope or test tube – a conception of research that is rarely inclusive of the social sciences, arts, or humanities. Research itself is often narrowly construed as a means for producing new solutions.
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