YouResearch Fellowship Program

The 2018 YouResearch Fellowship application is now open!

Click here to learn about the 2017 Class of Fellows!

The YouResearch Fellowship is a match-and-mentorship program that connect motivated students with professors carrying out their research in their area of interest. In addition, each Fellow is assigned one of the YouResearch team's experienced student advisors who will work directly with the student throughout the entire research .

Eligibility Requirements

Preference is given to high school students. However, applications from all grade levels will be considered.

Application Process

Each year, the YouResearch committee carefully reviews applications and selects students who are prepared for advaced research based on their academic performance, extracurricular involvement in research, volunteer work, and more. Following the holistic review, the committee will reach out to research institutions in the students’ vicinity to establish a research opportunity suited to their interests. The students are strongly encouraged to participate in this process. After a match has been made, the student is granted the full privileges of a YouResearch Fellow, and is free to begin working with their mentor.

The deadline to apply for the 2018 Fellowship is SUNDAY, APRIL 15TH.However, we highly suggest you apply before this deadline as it gives our team more time for review and placement.

1. Complete the online application

The 2018 YouResearch Fellowship application is open! By submitting this application, you provide permission for the YouResearch committee to review your transcripts and acknowledge that you meet the eligibility requirements .

2. YouResearch Fellow Selection

The YouResearch committee will undergo a detailed review of your application to determine if you are qualified for high-level research. Applications are rolling, meaning we will review your application immediately upon submission.

3. Fellow Placement

After releasing the conditional acceptance offer, the YouResearch team will work to match you with a research mentor at an institution in your area. You may begin working as soon as you are matched with a mentor - likely a university professor, PhD student, or a industry professional. At this time, you will also receive a YouResearch email and login, with which you’ll be able to access the Research Boot Camp materials on our site.