Going Beyond Stem

​The word “research” often conjures up images of white coat-clad scientists arched over a microscope or test tube – a conception of research that is rarely inclusive of the social sciences, arts, or humanities. Research itself is often narrowly construed as a means for producing new solutions for relevant problems, or discovering the unknown. However, research outside of STEM focuses itself on the recontextualization and scholarly inquiry of known cultural artifacts or events from a critical perspective, with an emphasis on analysis and innovation. Research within the humanities often employs a multipronged and interdisciplinary approach to studying what is termed as the “human experience” through the analysis and interpretation of cultural texts and practices, religion, and films. Broadly, the social sciences encompass studies of history, psychology, politics, economics, and many other fields. Social scientists utilize several methods to conduct research – included but not limited to statistical analysis, experiments, or interviews. Within the arts, research may involve both the creation of new art or the investigation of existing art. Much like the humanities and social sciences, arts research is often interdisciplinary and is influenced by questions existing within the realms of the humanities, social science, and physical science. If you are interested in pursuing research in the humanities, visit our Starting your experience page or our Advisors page to reach out to an advisor whose research experiences match your needs!