Humans of YouResearch

We believe research can have a large impact on a community and its individuals; we highlighted this facet of research through our Humans of YouResearch campaign on our Facebook page. This series details what inspired members of the YouResearch team to pursue research, and the effect their research experiences had on their lives.

George Pandya -​ Director of Outreach

​"Research is one of man's finest pursuits. At its core, researchers are explorers, bravely sailing into the unknown in search of enlightenment. Men and women in research are in the unique position to shape humanity for generations, a very worthwhile endeavour."

Arjun Kumar – YouResearch Advisor

"I do research because I love solving real health problems that affect people in underdeveloped countries around the world."

Meghana Bharadwaj – YouReseach Advisor

"My psychology lab was a place where I could test my curiosity and imagination through empirical experiments. It provided me the platform to explore my interest in humanity, mental health, values, and personality and has ultimately guided my path of self-discovery and commitment to philanthropy. Research is not an activity, it's a way of thinking and a way of questioning that I will cherish forever."

Dalton Price – Founder and Executive Director

​“People always say ‘do something about it’ and research was a way for me to do just that. By partaking in research, I was able to channel my curiosity of the human body into something meaningful and beneficial, both for me and the millions of people who suffer from the diseases I study.”

Wyatt Pontius – YouResearch Advisor

"Research gives us the ability to break through our preconceived barriers and achieve things as a society that we never thought possible."

Nick Diaco – YouResearch Advisor

"You can really make a splash by doing research that matters. Just don't forget to wear a mask!"

Kunal Hanagandi - YouResearch Advisor

"Research is how we bridge the gap between what we dream and what is possible. From developing lifesaving drugs to curing cancer, anything is possible with research. Researchers have an ability to uncover noble truths about this world, an adventure I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience."