Who can better step into your shoes than, well, another student? Being an entirely student-led organization, we were in your same position just a few years ago. We realize how difficult but beneficial process this can be. And we are here to help.

Executive Team

Dalton Price


Nina Anikeeva

Mathematics, finance

Nick Diaco

Mathematics and Polymer Chemistry

Jintana Cunningham

Computer and Information Science

Priya Gurjar


Peter Rooch

Finance and Philosophy

Kunal Hanagandi

Finance, Immunology

Hannah Cho

Industrial Relations

Business Associates

Viraj Attre


Lei Lily Tam


Nas Mohamed

Health Disparities, Public Health

Prawallika Gangidi


Daniel Bromberg


Research Associates

Aime Igarineza

Biology and Informatics

Sara Gamaleldin

Chemistry and Food Science

Atmn Patel

Mathematics, Particle Physics

Nicole Odzer

Cellular Biology, Microbiology

Arjun Kumar

Virology, Stem Cell Biology

Wyatt Pontius

Environmental Engineering, Systems Engineering

Aaron Cao

Mathematics and Computer Science

Shahrozia Imtiaz

Neuroscience and Biology