2017 YouResearch Fellows Announced

​The YouResearch Fellowship is an international match-and-mentorship program that connects selected high school students with research opportunities in their area of interest. In addition, each Fellow has been assigned one of the YouResearch team's experienced student advisors who will work directly with the student throughout the entire research process.

We would like to congratulate and announce the first class of YouResearch Fellows. These students completed a detailed application and were selected among a large applicant pool of student from all over the United States. Once again, great job to these Class of 2017 YouResearch Fellows.

Pallavi Shoroff: Life Science research at Bellevue College

Maya Rajavel: Molecular Biology research at Bellevue College

Daniela Nankova: Physics research at Bellevue College

Hoang Nguyen: Astronomy/Physics research at Evergreen Valley College

Huy Nguyen: Psychology/Education research at San Jose City College

Rachel Zheng: Environmental Science research at the University of San Francisco

​Ayoush Srivastava: Computational Biology research at Hunter College

Jerry Zhang: Nuclear Physics research at Washington University in St. Louis

Gabrielle Henig: Psychology research at New York University

Becky Choi: Political Science research at San Francisco State University

Erin Grandgeorge: Child Development and Media-related research at Saint Vincent College

Arshia Batra: Biochemistry research at the University of Houston

Irene Fong: Psychology research at the University of Central Florida

Abram Goda: Biology research at Housatonic Community College

Hussein Mohamed: Life Science research at the New York Institute of Technology

Vinkie Huang: Hydrogeology research at Queens College